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Version String Variables on the Canvas

I’m using DropDMG for distributing an AppleScript bundle (.scptd).

I tried to add the version string to the canvas with ${APP_SHORT_VERSION_STRING} and ${APP_VERSION}, but it doesn’t work. I noticed that when I add the ${APP_BASENAME} variable it displays the basename of an HTML document which happens to be also on the dmg. So, apparently DropDMG doesn’t search the right file for the string. (The version string is in the Info.plist inside the scptd.)

The surprising thing is that the correct version string is appended to the dmg file name (via dropdown menu Names > Automatic > Append version number). So, DropDMG seems to know where to find the version string, it just doesn’t find it for the canvas variables.

Any ideas?

DropDMG 3.4.2

Thanks for the report. When expanding the variables, DropDMG is looking for an application or installer package. For the filename, it looks for any kind of package. I will change it to look for script bundles if no application or installer can be found. You can contact me via e-mail to get a beta version when this is fixed.

Thanks for the fix!

Weird that it picks an HTML file for the basename variable. (See attached screenshot.)


Screenshot 2016-09-21 Wed 21.33.43-80-pty-fs8.png

Right now, if there’s no app it picks the first file (alphabetically).

That explains it.


  • Tom

This is addressed in DropDMG 3.4.3.