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Viewing Attachments from Apple Mail

When clicking on attachments from Apple Mail that I’ve archived into EagleFiler, the application re-opens Mail and shows them to me in that application instead of within EagleFiler.

I would like to know whether this will work, even if I delete the mail and mailbox they were in from my Apple Mail (I was hoping to slim down my mailboxes after they are archived in EagleFiler).

Also, is there a way to access the attachments within EagleFiler, in case on day I’m no longer using Mail?

Thanks, Bill

Yes, it will work. Apple Mail is just acting as a viewer for the message that’s stored in EagleFiler’s library.

Currently, EagleFiler does not have a built-in attachment viewer (aside from the Quick Look window). If you prefer not to use Mail, you can use the “Always Open With” command to set EagleFiler to use another viewer application that understands .eml files.

Thanks! That’s reassuring. I wanted to be sure before deleting a zillion e-mails!

Attachments not importing, Apple Mail

I’m a new user of EF. Really like it so far. I get lots of emails from clients with .doc and .ppt attachments and one of the first reasons I got EF is to be able to import emails and their complete attachments into EF so I can keep everything together per client.

I figured out how to capture the emails, but the attachments aren’t three. I do see the names of the attachments, thus: <filename.doc> But they are not active links or doc files.

What am I doing wrong?

Latest version of EF, Mac OS X, and Apple Mail on an iMac. Using Polarismail–a true IMAP (not like Gmail). Do have “save attachments” checked in Mail preferences.


EagleFiler probably is storing the attachments. You can access them by double-clicking the message to open it in Mail (or whichever mail viewer you chose).

Thanks for your quick response.

You are right, the files are in EF somewhere. I opened the email and there they were. But I can’t see the doc files in the folder structure in Finder maintained by EF. I do find the correct .eml file, but not the attachments associated with that email. Where do I look next?


The attachments are stored inside the .eml file (which contains the original message data that was sent over the network). The attachment files themselves are not currently viewable within EagleFiler.

Ok, I get it. If I want to have separate access to the files, I need to save them and then import. One of the things that sold me on EF is that the files are stored in their native format and, worst comes to worst, can be found in Finder. I’ve had too many bad experiences with proprietary formats that locked up data in strange ways. This one little wrinkle in EF I can live with (though maybe in a later version you can have the attachments separated out in a subfolder under the .eml file).



You can also save them (e.g. via Mail) any time after importing.

Right. That’s why EagleFiler stores e-mail messages in the standard formats for e-mails (mbox and .eml). Any e-mail program (Mac or PC) should be able to open EagleFiler’s mailbox files and get at the attachments.

I do plan to add ways for EagleFiler to get at the attachments directly, without needing any other apps.