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Viewing email attachments

When I try to view an attachment, Eaglefiler opens Apple Mail and I can see the attachment there. Is it possible for me to view attachments using my actual email client, which is MailMate? Can pdf files be viewed with Preview?

Yes. EagleFiler follows the system-wide preferences for which app should open each kind of file. You can change this on temporary basis by using the Open With command (e.g. with a message or PDF file selected) or change the default using the Open With ‣ Always Open With command.

Has EF’s behavior to use system wide Mail app preference changed?

I am using MailMate and have set that as my default mail app in Apple Mail -> General settings. But when I click an attachment it opens in Apple Mail instead of MailMate.

My setup details:

mac OS 10.15.1
EF version 1.8.10
Mailmate version 1.13.1


P.S. I like the move to discourse. Thanks! :slight_smile:

No, but please note that the setting in Apple Mail is for what happens when you click a mailto: link to create a new message. There is a separate setting for which app opens e-mail messages to view, which you can control using the Always Open With menu command while a message is selected.

I see. Changing behavior with Always Open with worked. Thanks!!