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viewing mail: a small feature request and a small bug?


Could it be possible to have the “date added” column for mail correspond to the date the mail was sent? Right now this is set for the “date modified”.

I have also a message that does not seem to be completely displayed: it contains a text attachment and pgp signature, yet it only says that one attachment is present and it does not display the end of the message (which is my signature). When I double click on it, Mail displays it correctly. How can I send this message to see if you can reproduce the bug (or do I need to send the whole mbox file)?

Why? The Date Added is the date that the content was added to the library. The Date Modified refers to when the content was modified, so it seems to me to be a better match for the sending date—which is when the content of the message was locked in.

This is likely a manifestation of a known bug/limitation, in which EagleFiler only displays the first suitable text part in a message that has multiple text parts (except for digest messages, which got some limited special handling in 1.1.3). As it happens, I rewrote the message display code yesterday to address these cases.

Please use File > Export to save it as a .emlx file and send that to me so that I can make sure the next version of EagleFiler will handle your message properly.

OK, thinking about it, it does make sense. Thanks for taking the time to answer. (I’ll send the message by email, by the way.)

This is fixed in EagleFiler 1.2.