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Dear Developers and people of the forum,

I am Valerio from Switzerland. I downloaded EagleFiler when testing a range of diffrent organizers. I am currently using the trial options, but I will for sure buy it in the next few hours,as I like it a lot, even when comparing it with competitors like DevonThink and Together. Just a few random notes / suggestions / requests…

  • I like the Mail-like interface,but it has alternate lines with Dark /Light background, and Mail in Snow Leopard doesn’t have them. Is there an option to turn them off,even if they improve visibility, so that it matches Mail?

  • The preview panel works very fine for most types. However, it is a little bit unconfortable for others. For example, the preview for a xls file (or a Pages file) is a static image that cannot be zoomed. Even when you change the dimensions of the panel, it is not resized. You need to select another document and then go back to the first. Together, which is in my opinion a vastly inferior product, uses quick look to create nice previews. Is there any plan to do something similar in the future for EagleFiler? I know I can call quick look with a shortcut, but I would like to have it in the panel…

  • I really really like the way the library is organized, with files neatly stored in
    folders that have the group names. This is really something that convinces me to buy EagleFiler. I often use other OSes like Linux and Windows. If I access the library folder, it is very easy for me to find the files I want. Other packages have a “flat” arrangement, with all files in the same folder, or even worse in fodlers named with letters and numbers. This is really a killer feature for me.

Just my two cents. Excellent product. Keep up the good work. Before the sun rises again in Switzerland I will make my purchase.


PS; If some of my requests can be satisified by changing some configuration file, I am ready to do it if someone tells me how. I have some expertise in command line and programming…

Thanks again

That’s not currently possible, but I will add a feature request to make it an esoteric preference.

There are several separate issues here. The zooming and resizing are reasonable feature requests, and they’re already on the to-do list. EagleFiler is already using Quick Look to generate the previews. However, there is no Quick Look API to get the “richer” preview that you see in the Quick Look HUD window into another window. Some applications try to do that by reverse-engineering private API.

Ahhh… the legendary level of customer support for which this software is famous

Thanks for the quick answer.

I just bought EagleFiler.

The thing with the preview is this: let’s take as example Together. When you preview a multi-sheet xls file, what you get is a preview of the file, with tabs to see the other sheets. In EagleFiler you only get a preview of the first sheet. I thought this multi-sheet view came from quicklook, that is why I asked.

In any case, zooming would be very cool, like it happens with word or web archives. Sometimes it is difficult to differenciate between different xls files just by sight

Thanks anyway. I can’t wait to see the new releases. Excellent!


It does come from Quick Look, but Apple only lets developers show it within the separate Quick Look window. In technical terms, you want to see the Quick Look “preview” and there are only APIs to access the Quick Look “thumbnail.”