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Viewing smart folder contents on the iPad

I just started working with EagleFiler, and am trying to set it up in the most optimal fashion. I like the EF smart folder functionality a great deal, but would like to view the contents of EF libraries on the Web and especially on my iPad.

I place the EF libraries in my Dropbox folder on the Mac, which then replicates them to the cloud/Internet, and then I can access said libraries’ contents from the Web, the iPad, etc. This works just fine for regular folders, but I do not see the contents of smart folder on the iPad. Anything I am doing wrong? Should I be able to?


No, you’re not doing anything wrong. It’s just that smart folders are searches, rather than actual folders on disk, and so they are not visible in Dropbox.

Thank you for the quick response, Michael! I guess my question is - if I cannot see the contents of a smart folder in DropBox (and consequently my iPad), should I avoid using smart folders to organize my notes? Or is there a way around this?


The only organization method that Dropbox supports is folders. So you would either need to organize your notes using folders or use smart folders and tell EagleFiler to export into regular folders before viewing the files with Dropbox.

Thanks, Michael. Then my question is - first, is there a different way for me to render EF data on the iPad, besides DropBox, that is, that will allow me to use smart folders? Or, is there a way to set an automatic way for EF to either place records in regular folders based on their smart folder membership, or to achieve a similar result to smart folders (where membership is based on criteria - tags, email author, MailTag tags, etc.) using regular folders?


I don’t think so, although perhaps some improved AppleScript support could make this possible.