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Volunteers needed for some thread tagging

[I ran this by Michael and he agrees this would help]

What would really help is for several of us to tag threads that contain scripts or workflows. Many of these are difficult to find using the forum text search mechanism.

The goal is to tag any such threads with “script” or “workflow” and up to 3 topic area(s) such as “importing”, “metadata”, “pdf”, …. (The tag cloud already has over a dozen possibilities – so check there first for suggestions.)

The forum now has 65 pages with 20 threads each. Perusing one page worth of threads and assigning tags might take, say, 15 minutes. So, if we divide up the labor and chip in at our convenience, hopefully that sounds doable.

To help everyone keep track of which of those 65 pages has been reviewed, in the “Thread Display Options” at the bottom of the forum page, sort threads by “Thread Start Time” in “Ascending” order, “Show Threads”, and pick a page. Then, after you tag the threads on that page, post a response to this “Volunteer” thread to let others know you’ve covered page xx.

Tagged threads can then be found using the search mechanism. And once a thread is tagged, it will be flagged in the thread list.

For the ambitious, if you care to write up a brief description of the script/workflow as a response to this post, Michael or I will append it to the summary post at the top of the forum sticky. (Check the sticky for sample brief descriptions.)

If you do write up a description, please add a “digested” tag to that thread.

Thanks everyone.