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Water Instead of Whisky: No Effect w/SpamSieve

Hello All:

I recently upgraded to Lion on my MBP, and use Mac Mail as my client, as well as Outlook 2011.

I dutifully ran SpamSieve manually at first w/Mac Mail as indicated, and now it comes up every time I run Mac Mail, which I confirm by viewing the app dock bar each time.

I have submitted many dozens of emails as being spam to SpamSieve, and have the “Spam-catching strategy” indicator turned up all the way to the rightmost end of the bar.

And yet, today, here are some of the subject lines that s-a-i-l-e-d past SpamSieve today:

Teaching Degrees
No more problems with this
Electronic Cigarette Free Trial
Debt Consolidation
Dr. Justice Lord
Vigarra Sexxual Lifestyle

If it were me, I’d be a little embarrassed.

Can someone help me understand how to make SpamSieve worth spending 30USD for? Cuz I want and need an =effective= spam filter solution now, if possible.

It sounds like something isn’t set up properly. Please see the Checking the Apple Mail Setup page and/or the What information should I include when I report a problem? page.

Thank you Michael, for the kind and competent reply.

And that’s fair, given the data/info given. In matter of fact, I inadvertently omitted the “Rule” step of the set up process, and it appears that SpamSieve is now dutifully analyzing my emails for offenders. As with my car, it appears that there was a loose nut behind the wheel for a time.

Thanks again. I sure hope to have some relief from this ridonkulous level of spam I am getting on these longstanding email accounts/addresses.



Thank you Michael!

I clearly missed the “Rule” step, and things appear to be going swimmingly at this point.