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Way of grabbing a Gmail conversation?

I was telling a friend how cool EF is. She uses Gmail as her regular mail client and asked me how well the F1 capture worked with Gmail.

I tried it with a conversation - both embedded in Gmail and popped open to a separate window. But in both cases, what got captured by EF was just the Gmail inbox - not the conversation itself.

Is there a way of capturing a Gmail conversation and possibly even linking back to it?

This was in Safari by the way.



Personally, I think it’s best to archive mail from a mail client. This way, EagleFiler will store the original raw source of the message, as received from the mail server. You get all the attachments, the original formatting, the headers that tell who the recipients are and the related messages in the conversation, etc. EagleFiler stores this in a standard format that can be imported by other applications, even non-Mac ones. So I think this is the richest and most future-proof format. And since Gmail supports IMAP, you can have EagleFiler archive Gmail messages from Apple Mail, even if you do most of your reading from Safari.

That said, I recognize that sometimes you may want to save a particular view from Gmail in the browser. EagleFiler’s capture key will not work for this because it imports Web pages by URL. Gmail is not really a Web page; it’s an Ajax Web application that dynamically loads new content into the current page, without changing the URL. It’s just a fundamental mismatch.

What you want is to import the window, as currently displayed in Safari. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Choose File > Save in Safari and save the page into EagleFiler’s “To Import” folder.
  2. Choose File > Print in Safari and then choose “Save PDF to EagleFiler” from the PDF button menu.

Thanks, Michael.

I will let my friend know.