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Web archive cannot be displayed


in the last few days, everytime I try to import a webarchive from Safari to EagleFiler, the file as shown in EagleFiler cannot be displayed and just shows the message “This Web archive could not be displayed; perhaps the file is damaged or missing.”

The capture key (F1) from Safari is working correctly, and I think the problem only happens using the “EagleFiler: import” or “EagleFiler: import with options” services from selected text. Also, the same happens if in Reader View.

I updated to the latest version of Safari (14.0) recently, and it is possible that this error only started after that, but I’m not completely sure…

Many thanks,

I see a workaround was implemented in the new beta 3 of EagleFiler, and the text is imported as text. Would be great to have the old webarchive format though.

This is caused by a bug in Safari 14. There is a workaround in the EagleFiler public beta. Apple has already fixed the bug internally, so hopefully it will be available in the next Safari update.

Thanks Michael!