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Web archives and cache

I’m not too sure how the cache for web archives work, but it seems that if I view a web archive when I’m online, then subsequently look at it when I’m offline, some data (images principally) is cached and is shown. If I don’t first look at it online, this data is missing.

Could it be possible to have an option to do the caching as soon when the archive is downloaded and not wait until it is viewed for the first time? (I may be confused as to how the caching works, I find it quite unpredictable when looking at things offline.)

The images are supposed to be saved into the Web archive, so caching should be irrelevant. However, there are definitely some bugs in Web Kit such that this doesn’t always works. Please send me some problematic URLs and I’ll investigate further.

I’ll keep my eyes opened next time I’m reading some offline

I think I just came across that problem…

I’ve started experimenting with transferring my Safari Bookmarks (any easy way to do this?) and this happened:


When I open the very same webarchive with right-click > Open in Safari it looks like this:


Yes, just select a bunch of them in the list and drag and drop them into EagleFiler.

When I try to capture various Leopard Web pages they seem to display fine in EagleFiler. Please e-mail me a copy of your Web archive so that I can investigate further.

Duh, I hadn’t thought about that, I exported the bookmark file…

I sent it to the support email…

Unfortunately, there is a bug in Web Kit such that the CSS file for the Apple.com navbar is not saved in the Web archive. If you are online, EagleFiler (or Safari) should be able to load the CSS file from the Net when displaying the Web archive. If you’re offline, the page will look like the first of your two screenshots in EagleFiler, and in Safari it will look the same as in EagleFiler, except without the images.