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web archives corrupted

I switched over to pdfs instead of web archives about a year ago, when saving clippings. But I’ve just noticed that my old web-archive clips are corrupted. They seem to be text-only, with a format like this:

** Web Archive <…/archive.html> About n+1 Issue Four Back Issues Subscribe News * ** ** ** ** Farewell, Hitch If a hall of fame were established for contemporary book reviewers?well, why not? There?s one for ad executives, poker players, and probably porn stars?Christopher Hitchens would very likely be its second inductee. (James Wood, of course, would be the first.) [etc…]*

What happened? How to restore?

Does EagleFiler’s Kind column still say that they’re Web archives?

If you Verify them, does EagleFiler say that the checksum is bad?

What happens if you double-click to open them in Safari?

I’d never used verify before, but it comes up as okay.

When I open in Safari, it’s the same thing–just bigger. (Unformatted text in a Safari window.)

I don’t see a Kind column; the inspector describes it as an html file.

That indicates that the file’s contents haven’t changed since it was imported. Is the Date Added what you expect?

Could you e-mail me one of these files for further analysis?

Done. Let me know if you didn’t get it.

It turns out that the files in question were HTML files (not Web archives), and they do not have source URLs. This indicates that they were not downloaded by EagleFiler. The Date Added shows that they were imported into EagleFiler years after being created, and the checksums indicate that the files haven’t changed since they were imported. Thus, it does not look like there was any corruption of the library. Rather, it appears that these files were added to the library folder (it’s not clear why or by what) a long time ago, and EagleFiler ignored them until the new Scan for New Files in EagleFiler 1.5 detected them as stray files and imported them.