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Web import prob and Suggestion

When I am doing banking on line and try an F1 with a web page of a receipt of a transaction, the page captured into EF is not that specific page but the sign in page. i assume that that is because it is a secure page and Safari and the Web site are protecting me.

My workaround for this is to highlite the text and then press the command-% combo. Would it be possible to add the option-command-% and also go to the capture window to assign its destination.

Also, because of the formatting on some of the sites, I will get a long skinny column for some of the info. Any ideas on ways to capture it in tact?

Thank you,


If the site requires a login (and doesn’t accept merely a cookie, which EagleFiler can provide) then it cannot be loaded simply by loading a URL, and so EagleFiler’s capture key won’t work. In these situations, I think it’s best to either (a) use Safari’s Save As command to save a Web archive into EagleFiler’s To Import folder, or (b) print and choose Save PDF to EagleFiler from the PDF button-menu.

That will work, but when importing from a Web page you will get a higher-fidelity file (a Web archive instead of RTF) by dragging and dropping the text into an EagleFiler browser window or the Drop Pad.

Perhaps, although it’s more likely that I would add this for drag and drop.

I’ve added this in EagleFiler 1.5.