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Web Page Site URLs to local versions (relative internal site links)

Is there a way to have local versions of Web Sites with relative internal local path links to the pages of the same site?

AFAIK, dragging a URL into a Library with all associated Site pages does not change the page links to each other. So clicking a link takes you online to the absolute link, rather than to the local version (as if it were changed to a relative path.) This is a testing thing; I get it that any pages you want you can just drag in as well and click on in the library. Just wondering if there’s a way besides editing the html to do this.

Great program.


EagleFiler creates Web archive files, which are meant to be self-contained. If you import a plain HTML file, relative links to local images and files should work. However, clicking the link will open the local file in Safari rather than in EagleFiler.