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Web page text changed to italics

This is actually a trivial problem but it still bothers me because I use Eaglefiler mostly to save specific web pages that I want to keep.

I imported a web page using the F1 shortcut. The text appears in italics in EF. There was also a piece of html visible at the top that I thought too ugly to keep (an iframe for an ad that doesn’t even appear on the live page because it is too old) so I imported the page with Firefox (web page complete) and edited the html to remove the iframe. I then imported this modified page into EF. The top is better but the whole text is still rendered in italics…

Of course, I can still easily read it but I’m wondering why Firefox and Safari both render the page normally and Eaglefiler doesn’t.

The page is here : http://www.vetinfo4dogs.com/dtrachea.html


I forgot to say that if I convert for editing the text then appears normally, not in italics. Strange.


This is due to a bug in the pre-release version of EagleFiler that I’d sent you. I’ll send you a fix via e-mail.

No hurry at all. Thanks. I’ve always been good at catching bugs, for some reason :slight_smile: