Web to PDF with print stylesheet

The MediaStyle preference only affects display in EF, not what happens when you capture web pages as PDF. This would help avoid the many clicks that Print to EF requires.

Agreed. I’d like to add a feature for controlling the media style when capturing directly as PDF.

EagleFiler 1.5.5 adds the MediaStylePDF preference to address this.

The results differ wildly from Printing to EF in Safari. For instance:

Of course if this is due to JavaScript there’s nothing doing.

It looks almost exactly the same to me. Just a slightly different page size, and thus different page breaks. If there’s something that you want to work differently, please be more specific.

Sorry, I forgot that I always have “Print backgrounds” off in Safari. Without that that page looks pretty terrible.

I’m not sure why WebKit does such a terrible job with that page’s background. Usually that works better. At some point I’d like to add more controls for this sort of thing.

EagleFiler 1.5.6 adds the PDFWebBackgrounds esoteric preference, which lets you turn this off.