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Webarchive to PDF

Hello all,

I have a ton of web pages saved as webarchive files but I’ve switched to saving them as PDFs, now that PDFs with links are an option. Does anyone know of an efficient way to convert the webarchives I have, to these PDFs. I haven’t really tagged any of them, so there is no worry about losing tags in the conversion, but I do have them in folders so it would be nice to not have to refile them all. As far as I can tell, I can right-click and open them in Safari, and then capture back to EagleFiler. Any way to batch it?



Doing it yourself with Safari is not a good idea. Safari does not always correctly display Web archives, and thus it may lose data when converting them to PDF. Additionally, it would not preserve the URL or EagleFiler’s metadata. Here’s a script that uses EagleFiler to do the conversion.

Thanks for the quick reply! I had gotten to the point of figuring out that the Safari way was not preserving the URL, so I was opening the original URL and recapturing. This script is even better though. Thanks so much.

Was it posted and I just didn’t see it, or did you just put it up?

You didn’t miss anything; I wrote it this morning. :slight_smile:

Thanks again. One problem I’m having is that it doesn’t seem to be doing a batch. If you select 2 or more, it stops after the first one. I downloaded and installed the compiled version of the script. Any thoughts?

Sorry about that. I accidentally left some testing code in the script. Here’s a fixed version that should work with multiple selections.