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Weird behavior with Hushmail.com

For the last few months I am experiencing something strange. In Hushmail there is a folder called Junk in which Hushmail puts messages that it deems spammy. I have a script checking that messagebox in addition to the normal In box. I am used that when it checks the messagebox SpamSieve will clear it just as well. This doesn’t happen anymore (for just a few messgaes? for all? no idea), and thus I end up with hundreds of unread mail in my Inbox that SpamSieve ignores when retrieving new mail. Apparently the messagebox is checked and weighed on being spam or not. The message gets redirected to either Spam or Inbox and the message is deleted. Except the deletion doesn’t happen and the next time SpamSieve is wandering through the emails it will check Junk, find the same files, etc.

Who is not cleaning up? SpamSieve? Or Hushmail? Every once in a while I clean up by hand, and the deletes will proceed as normal.


I am running Yosemite and using Apple Mail.

Do you mean a script that you wrote? Or the Apple Mail - Server Junk Mailbox script? If the latter, which version (date) do you have?

Hi Michael,

I meant the standard script. I’ve downloaded the update and installed it. I’ll check it out.

Thanks so far.

Hey Michael,

something is still amiss. Just to be complete I am updated to the latest version of SpamSieve (2.9.22) and the script itself says 2015-04-09 in the header. When I run the script from the Script Editor (Cmd - R) it checks the Junk mailbox on Hushmail and handles the messages in it, but somehow it will not be called automatically when Apple Mail checks for new messages.

Should this rule’s name start with SpamSieve as well? It was called Hushmail Junk SpamSieve, and I now renamed it to SpamSieve - Hushmail Junk.

The three other rules (SpamSieve - Hushmail, SpamSieve - <Other mail account>, Remote Training)seem to be working as the Inboxes are checked and the few trainings it has to do are done.

I am thinking of copying the logToConsole() function from the Remote Training script to the Junk script just to see some proof that it is actually being called when Mail is looking for new items.

No, it should be called “Server Junk Mailbox SpamSieve”, and it should be at the top of the list. If you put “SpamSieve” at the beginning, the rule’s actions will only be applied when a new spam message arrives in your inbox.

Hi Michael,

I’ve renamed the rule, added the log function from the Remote Training and added a logmessage in filterServerJunkMailboxes(). When I didn’t see a logmessage this morning in the Console I sent myself a test message, and after 5 minutes I got a notification that there was mail. As the Junk mailbox did contain a few messages I saw them appear as well (just as the logmessage), so I think it is all okay now.

I figure the rules will be applied when there is actually a message in the Inbox. If there is nothing, no rule whatsoever will be evaluated; if there are messages all rules will be evaluated.

Now that I know it is working I will periodically check on the server to see if my Inbox will be filled with messages over and over and over again, as that was the original problem.

Thanks so far, and I’ll keep you posted.

Hey Michael,

it al seems to be working as predicted. So I am happy in that regard.

I don’t think the coloring of messages are working correctly though as I have the “pColorSpamMessages” set to True and I don’t see messages turning blue, green or black or whatever. In the last hour a bunch of messages entered my system with a spamminess of 96, and they should have turned gray I think (if _score >= _threshold), but they remain uncolored…

Are you seeing the 96 in the “Spam score of message is” log entry? Are you looking for the color on the same Mac that is running SpamSieve?

As an example:

Predicted: Spam (96)
Subject: Making money - easy and right now!
From: Tracey_Shannon@bleeckerbg.dealerspace.com
Date: 2015-11-15 17:39:20 +0100 (GMT+1)

Predicted: Spam (95)
Subject: Re: You can earn more - simply and fast!
From: Oakman_Sammy@amrinternational.com
Date: 2015-11-15 17:39:20 +0100 (GMT+1)

Both have no color assigned to it. As far as I know this should have been grey as a background.

And yes I am looking at the same computer that is running the email program and SpamSieve.

This is from SpamSieve’s log, which shows that SpamSieve thought the message was spam. I was asking about the Console log, because it would show whether it was the script that sent the message to SpamSieve. If the message was instead sent to SpamSieve by the Mail rule, then pColorSpamMessages won’t make any difference.

I understand now!

SpamSieve calculated its spumones, but that isn’t a guarantee it will be colored. Only the Junk-box script colors the message! When I checked the newly accumulated spam they were all sent to another mailserver, not the Junk box from Hushmail. So… the message is not colored as it hasn’t passed through the script!

Thanks again for making it clear.

The regular SpamSieve rule will also (http://c-command.com/spamsieve/help/spam-message-colors-in), but this is controlled by a different setting.