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"Welcome to SpamSieve" & Statistics pop up every time I open SpamSieve

This has only been happening since the recent update.

The statistics pop-up shows I’ve been “Showing Statistics Since” 1/29/09 and I also have a good number of Rules.

How can I get these training menus to stop coming up whenever SpamSieve is launched with Mac Mail?

Thank you.

SpamSieve shows the Welcome window, Statistics window, and help if you have not trained it with at least one good message and one spam message. The Welcome window says:

Please follow the setup instructions in the “Using SpamSieve” section of the manual, which is available from the Help menu. SpamSieve is easy to use, but it depends on proper setup and training in order to filter your mail accurately.

SpamSieve will stop showing this window when you’ve successfully begun training it with spam and good messages.

How many messages does the Statistics window say are in the corpus? Probably one of those numbers is zero.

This will happen automatically when you do the initial training. If you did this long ago and therefore don’t expect the corpus to be empty, the corpus was probably damaged due to a disk error or deleted for some other reason. In that case, you can either do the training or quit SpamSieve and restore the corpus file:

/Users/<username>/Library/Application Support/SpamSieve/Corpus.corpus

from a backup.

Thank you, Michael!
It worked!

My corpus.corpus file dated only from 10/20, so I reached into Time Machine and grabbed an earlier one. First I had to learn how to get to the user library in Time Machine. Now my history is restored.

Thank you for your prompt response and also for SpamSieve. I’ve been depending on it for a long time.