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Well installed, bad results...

i have another kind of problem : new version of SpamSieve is well installed on Mojave Mail. I must say that i use SpamSieve since a long time and it works very well.
But on Mojave, spam mail are not intercepted, as white and black lists are OK inside SpamSieve…

Disk full access is on, Mail pref is on for SpamSieve, even yet i receive all spams since Mojave upgrade, any idea ?
Thank you !

Do you see the SpamSieve commands in Mail’s Message menu?

Please send in a diagnostic report.

Thank you for quick answer Michael, yes spamsieve menus are OK, everything is as usual, but interception is not efficient.

I will make a diagnostic report.

Thanks for the report. It looks like your SpamSieve rule in Mail’s preferences is turned off, so it should start filtering again if you check the box to enable it.

OMG, that’s right : Mail disabled SpamSieve rule ! Thank you, I should have seen that before.
Thank you.