What Am I Missing?

I’m using other C-Command products and am now looking at EagleFiler. What caught my attention was the “archive e-mails”, but I’m wondering (even after reading through a few sections of the manual regarding Apple Mail, which I use), how is using EagleFiler different from just exporting entire Apple Mail mailboxes in “mbox” format, or dragging an email to the desktop and having it saved in “eml” format?

I’m sure there’s something I’m missing, which is clearly possible as I’ve been using DropDMG since January of 2004 and just today discovered the “Making a Bootable Device Image of a Hard Drive.”

In terms of the files saved to disk, the results would be similar. (Exporting from Apple Mail to mbox format does not guarantee that all of the message data, e.g. attachments, will be included, does not include MailTags, and some versions of Mail have produced invalid mbox files that don’t properly import into other apps.)

The difference is mostly that EagleFiler lets you do stuff with the mail that’s been archived, without having to first import it back into Mail. You can directly view and search the messages, and add metadata such as tags and notes. And you can do more advanced searches that aren’t possible with Mail. EagleFiler can also verify the files to ensure that they have not been changed/damaged since archiving. With a long-term backup/archive, it’s important to ensure that the files are in good condition when you need them.

Thank you Michael, that helps, especially the “verify” part. I’ve been using a Macintosh (remember when that’s what they were called) since the mid 1980’s, so I’ve been “bitten” a good number of times by Apple updates released before their time.

Think I’ll give it a go and see how I like it. Thanks again.