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What Became of the "Statistics" Menu Item?

Mail 6.6 running under Mac OS 10.8.5. I just installed Spam Sieve 2.9.19, which works seamlessly and well like its predecessors. However, the “Messages” Menu in Mail now contains only three SS items: “Change Settings,” “Train as Good,” and “Train as Spam.” What happened to the “Window” entry? I can access SS Statistics by making SS visible in the Dock (I use Dockless to hide it) and then using SS’s “Filter” menu or hitting ⌘-2, but that’s clumsy and takes up Dock real estate.

Am I missing something?


David Brick
Santa Cruz CA

I do not recommend using Dockless to hide SpamSieve’s Dock icon. This can cause all sorts of problems (especially on newer versions of Mac OS X) because it will break the application’s code signature. You should instead use the built-in SpamSieve feature for this. If you do, Mail will detect that the Dock icon is hidden and show the “Open Window” command in its Message menu.

Thank you, Michael. That works perfectly, and I’m happy to avoid the possibility of other problems, too.