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what causes "missing" files?

I had a medium-size number of files that Eaglefiler described as missing. I had to go in and delete the records and reimport them (sometimes from Time Machine).

This morning there are a couple dozen fresh files described as missing. What causes Eaglefiler to lose connection to files? I’m not blaming the software, necessarily–in fact, I worry if I’ve got a hard drive problem or something similarly serious. I can’t think of any action I did to cause this, and it’s tedious to get them back in the library.


This is described a bit in the Verify section of the manual. But, essentially, a Missing File is one that was moved, renamed, or deleted using an application other than EagleFiler. (It’s also possible that you didn’t “do” anything, and that a problem with your hard drive caused the file to disappear.)

It’s not necessary to delete the record and re-import. You can just restore the file to the folder (in the Finder) where EagleFiler expects to to see it.