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What kind of action must I do after crash?

Today, I tried to import some webarchive from Safari, EF said

10/03/05 10:56:09 EagleFiler[512] EagleFiler Error
EagleFiler encountered an unexpected error:
ValueError: NSInvalidArgumentException - *** -[NSCFArray insertObject:atIndex:]: attempt to insert nil

and requests to send crash report to your site.

After sending it and quitting, EF reopens as if nothing happened.

I cannot any trouble in database (2400 records, 1.9GB) until now, however, what kind of action must I do for just in case?

And also, what kind of my action is the reason why EF say above message?

That looks like an internal error, not a crash. Either way, I don’t think I received that report from you. Did you send it via email yourself?

I don’t think that would affect the contents of your library. However, if you want to check it you could select Records and then choose Verify.

Does it happen again if you try to import the same Web archive?

Please e-mail me EagleFiler’s log file:


I sent EagleFiler log.

I have never had the same experience from that time, even if importing THE SAME webarchive.

I did “Verify” for just in case. Dialog box said this required 34 min, but this really ended in 5 min or so.

Thank you for your kind replay as always.

best regards,

It looks like one of EagleFiler’s index files may be damaged. I suggest holding down the Command and Option keys when you open the library. Then tell it to rebuild the Records index.


More two questions:

  1. I had better rebuild database even after “justify” action is finished with no error?

  2. I sometimes import next-webarchive before EagleFiler shows “rainbow circle(?)” during importing previous-webarchive. This may be the reason to damage the index database?


The database is fine. I’m suggesting that you rebuild the index (which is just a cache, so deleting it won’t lose any data) because of a specific error that I saw in the log file. Normally you wouldn’t need to do this.

No, that shouldn’t be a problem.

I have rebuilt database (records/phrases), and this was a bit heavy job with duration of ~22 min and with 60%-70% CPU activity.

Thank you for your kind advice again.