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what kind of data to import?

Hello, Michael.

I wonder what type of data I may import into an ef-database.

As I frequently use the mind map software »incubator« I really would like to import their ».mcn« files. I may export incubator files into »free mind«-files (.mm) but they will be shown in ef as xml-code.
The same is with opml-files.

What do you suggest? What data formats does ef support now? And what in the nearby future?

Thank you.

Any type of file can be imported.

Have you tried it? That should work, and if Incubator has a Quick Look plug-in you’ll be able to see a preview in EagleFiler.

If the underlying format is XML-based, and EagleFiler doesn’t have specific knowledge of how to display it, it will show you the XML source.

Sorry, Michael, of course you are right. I can import .mcn, .mm and .opml files but have no working preview in the three pane window of ef.

And now I learned: Quick Look = preview, no Quick Look, no preview.

Thank you very much.

Right—that’s how it works if EagleFiler doesn’t have built-in support for a format. There’s one exception: if a file looks like a text file, EagleFiler will display it as text even if there’s a Quick Look plug-in. The reasoning behind this is that there are lots of text-based formats for which the Quick Look preview is too limiting. Please let me know if you find any file formats that can and should be displayed using Quick Look instead of as text.