What's the current recommended Layout size (dimensions) for the background image?

In the past I did 640 x 480 pixels.
I did the same just now and got a build error (below)
Is this because my Layout graphic is too small? Whats the current recommened Layout graphic dimensions?

The window should have had bounds {{100, 100}, {639.91998613319004, 501.93998959989256}}, but the bounds were {{129, 129}, {639, 501}}. This can happen if the Finder did not properly save the window bounds when DropDMG ejected the disk image. Usually you can simply create the disk image again and it will work. Or, can enter this command:

defaults write com.c-command.DropDMG LayouterDoubleCheckWindowSize NO

in Terminal (then restart DropDMG) to tell DropDMG not to check that the Finder saved the proper window bounds. This may be necessary if you are using a Finder haxie such as TotalFinder or XtraFinder that makes it impossible for the Finder window to have the expected size.`

640 x 480 should be fine. The error just indicates a problem with Finder. Did you try creating it again?

Here’s my Layout page. I did try creating it again , same error. There are areas marked in red that seem to be not filled, perhaps thats provoking the error. I don’t know what exact dimensions I can use to fill those areas.

I might just try at Terminal window the defaults write com.c-command.DropDMG LayouterDoubleCheckWindowSize NO

The error is not related to anything in the Layouts pane. The areas marked in red are fine—they’re simply shown because you currently have the window sized larger than your background picture. But that doesn’t matter because DropDMG sizes the disk image window to match the background picture’s dimensions.

The terminal defaults command worked :+1:.

I ran the DMG it created and on the Layout page, the AU.component icon appears exactly where I placed it on the Layout page, but the symlink to the install folder appears near the top left of the Layout page, which is nowhere near where I actually placed it on the Layout page. Any ideas why?

My Layout:

How its appearing in .dmg:

Please make sure that the filename in the layout matches the filename in the source folder that you dragged onto DropDMG.

that’s worked perfectly thanks…

Is it possible to place a graphic on the first screen when the DMG launches?
My first screen is the license agreement, it would be good to place a sidebar graphic on there.

Is it possible (or some kind of intro screen) ?

That’s not possible. I think maybe it can be done if you create an installer package.

might be a nice feature request for the future to have an intro screen before the license screen if that’s possible

I don’t think macOS supports that.