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When Launching Postbox 4.08 with SpamSieve 2.9.23 (OS X 10.11.2) Launch Failure

Earlier today, I received notification that there was a new version of SpamSieve (2.9.23). I downloaded and installed it with OS X 10.11.1 still on my computer. Immediately after the installation of your new version, SpamSieve would no longer launch. Since it would no longer launch, I went ahead and downloaded OS X 10.11.2. Same result except OS X gives an error message why the application won’t launch- Error 10810. I tried reinstalling the program, and I still get the same error.

I’ve owned SpamSieve for years without so much of a whisper of a problem. Suddenly, the program doesn’t even launch. Can you help me out and tell me how to solve this problem? Thank you.

That number refers to a Launch Services error named kLSUnknownErr, which unfortunately isn’t very specific. I’ve not heard other reports of that error with Mac OS X 10.11. After trying to launch SpamSieve manually, do you see any additional error information in Console? Does it help to do a safe boot?

After I found my registration material, I totally nuked my SpamSieve installation (I removed the program and all the other files related to the program). I then re-installed SpamSieve (2.9.23) from the beginning and re-installed it into PostBox 4.08 from the beginning. It now seems to be launching normally and working normally (except I lost all my spam data). Something (I know not what) must have been corrupted in my original installation (I’ve had it running for about 18 months). I’ll keep working with it, and if is acts up again, I’ll immediately report it. So far, so good. Thank you for your quick response!

Glad to hear that. If you have a backup, you could restore your training data.

Can you tell me which file and where it is located (I have a back-up of the original file on a secondary back-up disk). One problem I am now encountering is everytime Postbox gets a message and launches SpamSieve, I get an OS message saying that it is the first time I am launching this program , and do I really want to launch it? I keep hitting “Open” but the message keeps coming back each time SpamSieve is launched. Any Ideas on how to stop it?

Please follow the link above.

This should stop if you manually launch SpamSieve once rather than having Postbox do it for you.