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When Mac asleep, SpamSieve not pushing to iPhone

I have not seen this mentioned. When my desktop Mac is asleep (Retina Display late 2014 running 10.10.5, Mail 8.2) and I am away, all the spam which is ordinarily caught and put into the Spam folder goes right to my iPhone. If I am out for several hours, I can end up with a lot of spam mail clogging up my phone. However, after a few hours, it will update and move the older spam to the spam folder, but the newest arrived spam is still on the phone.

This seems to happen periodically, maybe once every month or so, and then mysteriously goes back to behaving as usual, namely the spam may appear on the phone momentarily and is then whisked away to my desktop spam folder.

Anyone have any idea what’s causing this or how to fix it? Any help greatly appreciated. Thank you!

It’s normal for your Mac not to do anything during sleep, except if your Mac supports Power Nap and various additional conditions are met.

Hi Michael;

Thanks so much for your reply. Yes, PowerNap is enabled, but the last condition caught my eye:

“When everything is set up as described above, Mail will check for new messages and filter them through SpamSieve once per hour.”

Maybe this is what I’m seeing? It does seem to update but not for at least an hour. If this is the best that can be expected, OK. Thank you.

Yes, unfortunately, the Power Nap interval is not configurable. Another option would be to set the Mac to sleep the display (and perhaps lock the screen) after a certain amount of time, but not to put the whole Mac to sleep. This would allow Mail to check more frequently, while still saving power.

Yes, thank you!! This seems to have fixed it!!! I’m happy happy!