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Where are 'Train as Good' Messages Going?

I use an IMAP setup in Apple Mail and the spam is caught and quarantined int eh Spam folder perfectly. However when I mark the occasional false positive by using the Message>Spamsieve - Train as Good (^⌘G) command the message disappears from the spam folder but it does not show up in any other mailbox or the trash. Where is it going?

Probably to the inbox of the first account listed in Mail’s Preferences.

Is this the intended behavior? I would expect it went to the inbox of the account where it was originally received. Is that possible to do?

No, because Mail does not remember which account the message came from. SpamSieve will look for an account whose e-mail address matches the message’s recipient, so in most cases it should be able to figure out the right account. But if there’s no match, it will default to the first account.

OK, that makes sense, thank you.

Same problem here
Train as good messages in Apple Mail are disappearing. The rule marks them as unread and removes them from the Spam mailbox, but they are nowhere to be found.

As indicated above, please check the inbox of the first account that’s listed in Mail’s preferences window. You could also search for the messages using Spotlight (not Mail).

I had some inactive mailboxes after converting to imap and they were causing the problem. Thanks and sorry for “re-asking” a question that had been answered.