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where is "reveal file" button/command?

I’m trying to track down various missing files. The error window identifies them, then suggests I click “reveal” to show where Eaglefiler thought they would be. I recall using this function before, but now there’s no reveal button that I can find.

There is also no delete file, to clear the entry.

Can you add the buttons back using the View > Customize Toolbar command?

Yes. (I was expecting “reveal” to be in the error window.)

But how do you then clear the error window, so it doesn’t keep reporting my missing files?

(Never mind…I see it’s easy.)

It is by default; I’m not sure why it would go away unless you accidentally Command-dragged it or something.

For those who haven’t figured it out: Select All, then Delete.

Is there a way to restore the reveal button to the error window?

Yes, using View > Customize Toolbar.