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Which macOS Mail App is the Best for SpamSieve

Not sure why I feel strange asking this question, I think I’m not sure how to phrase it. i.e. Which app is most integrated with/ optimal/ superior, etc.

SpamSieve is great, it’s definitely a must-have for anyone who uses email these days (everyone). The main issue is, I have been struggling in a bit of a crisis ever since El Capitan came out. I run a business and have 40-50 email accounts active at a time.

Apple Mail was always the client I used, it’s the most integrated into the OS, it’s familiar, just used to the ecosystem. But for the past two years. Two Years every day, all day, 9 out of 10 times I launch Apple Mail it crashes. It either instantly crashes, or works for a minute, then crashes (not responding)

I have each mail account set up textbook, The right mail servers, the right ports, username and password correct… It’s kind of frustrating to try to run a business with email that fails constantly, and barely works.

I’ve tried AirMail (sp), Spark… They also crash.

The only app I haven’t tried is PostBox(sp). It advertises itself as a super powerful app on the same level as Photoshop. They say that. Whatever that means.

I’m on the High Sierra beta now, and it’s the first time in years my email is not crashing. it’s incredible. I have Apple Mail open now, and it’s working. And SpamSieve is setup, I had to update to a beta version of SpamSieve, but it works. And life is not horrible right now.

I just wonder about PostBox, it seems like it’s the absolute best email client in the universe for macOS. It’s earth shattering. But sadly there is no iOS version. Which is strange.

But how is SpamSieve’s integration with PostBox?
I guess the integration really doesn’t go that deep when I think about it. SpamSieve opens with Mail, and the two options - train as good/ train as spam are in a menu. Does SpamSieve do anything else? I mean it’s genius, brilliant, it brings full control over all email.

Basically, should I go and drop 40 dollars on PostBox now because it’s perfect, and SpamSieve works the most efficiently with that app. And I need to sleep.

This page explains which features work with which apps. Overall, I think Apple Mail is best for most people. MailMate is probably the most powerful.

That is not typical behavior, so there may be something specific to your Mac that’s causing it. Perhaps the Mail database was damaged, and rebuilding it when updating to 10.13 fixed the problem.

SpamSieve can replace Postbox’s built-in junk filter, but Postbox lacks support for more advanced features like spam levels, complete message access, remote training, and custom rules.

Thanks Michael
I apologize about the delay in replying. Thanks a lot for posting this info in the thread/ question(s) I asked. It’s weird how Apple Mail was completely non-operable, dysfunctional/ broken, and I didn’t really have a better way to replace it. So would just Make a habit of force-quitting Apple Mail at least 9 out of 10 times I’d run it, every thirty minutes or so.

Since (from my perspective) you’re far more aware of the current state email, I’ll check out MailMate. If it’s the most powerful - then definitely. Email in a sense is the most important method of communication, with push notifications and the ability to generate endless email accounts to help organize a life or business.

I kind of can’t believe Apple Mail runs perfectly now, no crashes, on the High Sierra beta. beta!

Each time Apple Mail dove into a state of complete inability to run, was with a of clean install. I’ve performed many OS-reinstalls over the past two years. I have several Macs, and have installed macOS on several different external SSD’s. I have also in one instance moved the User home folder to another separate external SSD.

No idea why I did all this, I think I was trying to mitigate the onslaught of broken code from El Capitan for years.

MailMate - it’s $50.00, but kind of worth it if it’s the most powerful email app? I guess I also assume that since you say it’s the most powerful, SpamSieve has powerful integration with it?


I don’t know what to think of Mail sometimes. It seems to be very solid for a lot of people, but others seem to have no end of major problems with it, even after clean installs.

It’s definitely worth it if you like the app. But it has a very different kind of design, and e-mail clients are very personal, so you may love it or hate it. It does work with mot of the advanced SpamSieve features like multiple spam levels, the drone setup, custom rules, etc. There’s a free demo you could try.