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Which Multiple Mac soluttion?

I am currently using the trial version of SpamSieve but I’m completely sold. I’ve already taken out a hit on SpamAssassin and am ready to purchase the full license. But I’m uncertain about which of the Multiple Mac options I should adopt. I currently have SS installed on my iMac, which, when awake and running the software, nicely deals with the spam for my Macbook Air, iPad and iPhone. Most of my work is done on the desktop, however, I travel frequently, and it isn’t practical to keep the iMac on and running for those lengths. My iMac was produced, apparently, a couple of weeks before the PowerNap feature was introduced.

My Macbook does have the PowerNap option, but installing SpamSieve on that machine and keeping it “on” and in that mode when the majority of my work is at the desktop also seems impractical. Also, I’m concerned that I would continue to get the annoying notifications on my iMac as the emails come in, before they’re dealt with my the Macbook. (Am I wrong to assume that?)

So I’m thinking that my best option is to go with installing SpamSieve on both machines and turning it off on the iMac and on on the Macbook when I travel. If that is indeed my best option, do I need to purchase SpamSieve twice, or will the license work on both machines?

Thanks for any guidance and advice you can offer.

The iMac may well see some of the messages before the MacBook. Whether you have the iMac configured to post notifications is entirely up to you.

It sounds like you mean setup #4. That’s a reasonable choice given your situation.

A single license is sufficient for one user with multiple Macs.