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Whitelist a domain

I own my own e-commerce site, and we have several emails that come in. My questions is, I have several rules in my whitelist that refer to these emails. Some have checkmarks, and some do not. I’m not quite certain if I need all of these rules, or just the one for the domain. For example, I have the following:

From (address) sales@domainexample.com (no checkmark) 240 (hits)
From (address) lori@domainexample.com (checkmark) 16 (hits)
From (address) support@domainexample.com (checkmark) 1 (hits)
From (address) www.robert@domainexample.com (checkmark) 0 (hits)
From (address) info@domainexample.com (checkmark) 11 (hits)
From (address) wordpress@domainexample.com (checkmark) 161 (hits)
From (address) news@domainexample.com (checkmark) 288 (hits)
From (address) helpdesk@domainexample.com (checkmark) 2 (hits)
From (address) @domainexample.com (no checkmark) 16 (hits)

Could this not be simplified with just the @domainexample.com listing? I notice that some of my emails still get filtered as spam, and I don’t k

You must have received spam from some of these addresses. When you train the message as spam, SpamSieve will disable (uncheck) any whitelist rules that match. You could simplify this with a single “Ends With @domainexample.com” rule, however I generally don’t recommend doing that. The finer-grained rules will allow more of them to remain enabled if you get spam from these addresses.

If you always want messages from these addresses to get through, even if you also receive spam from these addresses, you could add them to your address book.

I’m not certain how I can receive email from my email address that is clearly spam?

Spammers can forge the sending address.

So correct me if I’m wrong. If our email is forged, and we flag it as spam, then that entry will get unchecked in the whitelist and we start missing email? That must be why I have noticed some mail going to spam that is legitimate. I received an obvious SPAM email, and flagged it as spam. :confused:

Yes, it will get unchecked. Normally, if you train the spam messages from that address as spam and the good ones as good, SpamSieve will be able to tell the difference. As mentioned above, if you want to ensure that every message from that address always gets through, you can add it to your address book.