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whitelist a domain

try as I have on this forum, I have not been able to find a simple explanation of how I can make sure any email from a certain domain is not caught as spam. I am a faculty member and am finding many of my students’ emails to me in my Spam mailbox. They are all from the .edu domain where I am, so just want to stop that. I have tried training and it doesn’t work.

In SpamSieve, choose Filter > Add Rule. Click the Whitelist button. Edit the new rule so that it says:

Header: From (address)
Match Style: Ends with
Text to Match: @yourdomain.edu

In most cases, training is all that’s needed. It’s possible that the messages are going to the Spam mailbox for some reason other than that SpamSieve thought they were spam. You can check the log to determine whether this is the case or send it to me if you need help interpreting it.