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Whitelist entries being ignored

I have been using SpamSieve with Apple Mail without problems for several years. Over the past few days, however, SpamSieve has started sending to Spam messages from senders on my whitelist.

I can choose “Train as Good” and the messages are correctly sent back to Inbox, but if I run Rules on them, they get sent right back to Spam — and new messages from the same address are also sent to Spam. I see the relevant addresses when I inspect the whitelist directly, so I know they are there.

I can’t tell yet if this is affecting all whitelisted messages or just some.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

(SpamSieve 2.9.43, Mail 14.0, MacOS 11.2.3)

There may be a setup/preferences problem here, because messages specifically trained as good should always be classified as good, regardless of the whitelist. Please use the Save Diagnostic Report command in the Help menu and send me the report file, as described here.

Are the relevant whitelist rules enabled (checked)?

I just sent the Diagnostic report.

The relevant rules are enabled. One additional note that could be relevant — I was (for reasons I no longer remember) receiving and using your beta versions. But as part of my troubleshooting this morning, I reverted back to the official released version, with no difference in outcome.

Thanks for sending the report. It looks like the messages that you’ve been training as good had already been classified as good by SpamSieve. I think the problem is that you have an extra Junk to Spam rule configured in Mail that moves messages identified by Apple’s junk filter to the Spam mailbox. I recommend deleting this rule or unchecking it.

Also, any other rules that you have that move messages to Spam (e.g. to block certain addresses) should be moved above the SpamSieve rule in the list.

Thanks! — your suggestion appears to have solved the problem.

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