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Whitelist not working as expected

SpamSieve 2.9.48 in Apple Mail, Apple MacBook Pro M1 (2021)

The whitelist is not working as expected, even though “use whitelist” is checked in Preferences. It keeps sending messages from a specific set of addresses to the Junk file, even though I’ve trained them as good and then entered them on the Whitelist. I’ve just listed the domain name in the hopes that this will solve the problem, but it doesn’t seem to me that I should have to do that.

I recommend using Is Equal to rules, where possible, rather than matching a whole domain. Have you checked to see whether the rules are enabled (checked)? If you had trained a message from that address as spam, SpamSieve would disable the corresponding whitelist rule.

You can also use the Open Log command to see which messages SpamSieve has processed. It may be that SpamSieve and the whitelist didn’t even come into play for some of these messages because a server junk filter moved them to Junk before they got to your Mac.

Hi -

First of all, thank you very much for the prompt and attentive support you offer.

My settings appear to be correct and the log from recent days doesn’t show that good messages have been blocked. Let’s see what today’s update does.


If the log says that SpamSieve didn’t predict these good messages to be spam, you may want to try turning off your server junk filter.

Thanks very much — that seems to have done the trick.


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