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Whitelist Unreliable


I’m grateful for SpamSieve but really really wish that it had two features.

  1. and absolutely sovereign white list so that ANY mail that has the “from” field containing @myuniversity.edu is NEVER marked as junk. Even people who regularly write from this address (like my wife!) get spammed every so often. I always correct it, but a month or so later one of my students or my wife shows up in junk. This has been a regular problem for some years.

  2. a way to interact easily with the rules of our mail programs so that mail from say, the pseudo-FedEX International goes directly to trash. Having scores of messages to cull through in the spam folder is not entirely a solution.

Thank you

The whitelist is already sovereign in that it has higher priority than any of SpamSieve’s filters that would classify a message as spam. Any address that you receive a good message from is automatically added to the whitelist, and you can create your own rules for entire domains if you wish. My guess is that what’s happening in your case is that you have a server spam filter that’s moving the messages to the Junk mailbox before they even get to your Mac or SpamSieve. Please see this page for more information.

If you set up your Mail rules as described in Example 1: Blocklisted Messages in Trash, you can just train a message as spam and future messages from that address or name will go to the trash.