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Why DMG Filename Truncation?

I’ve long used version 2, typically dropping a folder on it. The folder has usually been given the name I want for the DMG except for the extension. Also, I’m used to altering the name slightly for the volume name.

Now, the “Automatic” name mode is just that, so no chance to make changes, but if I use “Ask”, I always have to retype both the base and volume names because it truncates them.

e.g. I have a folder named “SomeApp_3.5.3” and when the save dialog comes up, it has both names listed as “SomeApp_3”.

I read the manual but I still don’t understand why DropDMG insists on truncating the filename as it mentions truncation only if the length is beyond the OS limits. It appears to me it chops every name with a ‘.’ in it, which certainly isn’t necessary.

In all other ways, version 3 seems excellent.

Thanks for the bug report. Please e-mail me if you’d like to try a pre-release version of DropDMG that fixes this problem.

This is fixed in DropDMG 3.0.2.

Is there a system restriction on length of volume names?

I thought I saw this truncation taking place again, but it turns out no more than 27 characters can be entered as volume name.

Yes, that’s the system limit on HFS volume names.