Why do I have two junk mail folders?

I have the same unresolved issue described here:

I have the primary iCloud/Junk folder featuring the “x” mailbox icon. I also have an iCloud/Junk folder that features a standard folder icon. Every day about 90% of my Junk mail goes to the plain folder icon iCloud/Junk folder instead of the primary “x” icon folder.

Interestingly when I log into iCloud mail via a browser the “x” icon Junk folder there matches the contents and number of emails as the plain folder icon iCloud/Junk folder on my mac.

On my mac, the right click “Erase Junk Mail” command only erases mail in the “x” icon Junk folder. If I highlight the mail in the plain folder icon Junk folder and choose “Message / SpamSieve - Train as Spam” it is migrated to the “x” icon Junk folder where I can erase it.

If I delete the plain folder iCloud/Junk folder it is simply recreated when new junk mail arrives.

In the Accounts/Mailbox Behaviors tab I’ve ensured that I’ve selected the “x” icon iCloud/Junk mail folder from the drop down menu (both are visible here too).

Any ideas or suggestions for removing the plain folder iCloud/Junk mailbox and mapping all junk mail to the more capable “x” icon iCloud/Junk mailbox?

I’m using SpamSieve 2.9.52 with Apple Mail’s “Junk Mail Behaviors” tab disabled.
I’m running a MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2016) with Big Sur 11.7.6.

Thank you!

It sounds like you have selected the wrong Junk mailbox in Mailbox Behaviors. You should pick the one that the iCloud server junk filter is actually using. Then Mail will give it the special icon. The SpamSieve rule should be set to use All Junk, and then it will automatically switch as you change the selection in Mailbox Behaviors. The mailbox that’s currently selected will probably show up as Spam after you make the change. It was never actually called Junk, just displayed that way because of Mail’s settings.

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Thanks so much Michael for you quick reply! I followed your instructions and that seems to have resolved the issue! Switching the designated junk folder did transfer the “x” icon and with it the ability to erase junk mail. My official Apple mail junk folder now matches the contents of the junk folder on iCloud.

Thanks again!

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