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Why Doesn't 'Spam Messages' count increment

I’m using SpamSieve 2.9.6 on my MAC using Mail. Earlier today I reset my Statistics and I notice that while I see a non-zero count of Good Messages under Filtered Mail, the Spam Messages count is zero even though two messages have shown up in my Spam folder. Note that the only rule I have is spamsieve. Why is the spam total not incremented?

The messages might have been moved by a rule on the server. Does SpamSieve’s log say that those messages were “Predicted: Spam”?

No they say “Trained: Spam (Manual)” but I probably caused the “Trained” part because I “Train as spam” ed them. They were obvious spam (Viagra, etc). Do you know how I can stop the server from handling them? I should mention that my ‘Enable Junk Mail Filtering’ option is not selected.

Right. If there are no corresponding “Predicted: Spam” entries for those messages, they didn’t go to the spam folder because of SpamSieve.

Please see How should I configure the junk filter on my mail server?.