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Why EagleFiler?

Out of curiousity, how did you come up with the name EagleFiler?

EagleFiler is an application that I’d been wanting to write for many years, since before Mac OS X was released. In my head I had always called the project “packrat.” That was never intended to be the final name, plus the domain was taken, I didn’t think it had the right connotations, and I didn’t want a rat for an icon. However, it did give me the idea of using an animal. I thought it would be something different, more memorable, and more active than the many information management applications with similar names (e.g. “…note…”) and icons (e.g. a book). A bird of prey seemed liked a good choice to symbolize zeroing in on the information that you’re looking for quickly and accurately. And then I needed a word that fit with it and described what it was doing. “EagleFiler” seemed to be a combination that made sense and wasn’t too hard to pronounce.