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Why has manually marking my mail as spam become so painfully slow?

Over the past few months it has become very slow when I manually mark mail as spam.

It is taking approximately 20 seconds for each message that I mark.

I am using Apple Mail (OS X 10.11.6) with Spamsieve 2.9.28.

I have about 10 IMAP accounts that I am managing.

Please see this page for how you can record a sample from Apple Mail during that 20 seconds to determine what’s causing the slowness.

Thanks for your reply.

I have recorded the sample process. It only ran for 3 seconds, not the entire 20-30 seconds that it took to execute the “Mark as Spam” script. Is this normal?

Yes, it’s normal for the sample to only take a few seconds. Please sample Mail, not SpamSieve, since Mail is the app that’s being slow.

I have resent you the email with a sample report of Apple Mail.


Thanks for that. It looks like the delay is caused by Mail’s own junk mail filter. I suggest that you reset it.

Thanks for the help. That appears to have corrected the problem.

Kind of strange though, my LSMMap2 file was 28 megs but I have never used Apple Mail’s native Junk Mail filter.

When SpamSieve marks something as spam does it write to the LSMMap2 file?

Not directly, but it tells Mail that the message is junk in order to protect you from Web bugs.