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Why is blocking foreign language spam so hard?

I get so much foreign language spam. It should be easy to block because Russian, Chinese and even Spanish contains so many symbols (or letters) that do not exist at all in English. If one (or two) of these symbols appears >bam< it’s spam.

Even with other languages that use all English letters they obviously use different words than English. These should also be pretty easy to filter out.

Why can’t SpamSieve do a better job of filtering foreign language spam?

Perhaps have a setting for “filter out all non-English e-mail”.

Thanks for considering this.

I mainly use French with éèàç letter and surely different words
and receive many English emails as well

SpamSieve filter has done a very good job for me

Unless I misunderstand your suggestion / comment

Indeed, these types of spams are usually very easy for SpamSieve to filter out. If it’s not catching them, that’s probably a sign that something’s not right with the setup on your Mac. Please see this page for instructions about what information you can send me via e-mail so that I can help you.