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Will I lose years of good/bad email training if I re-install SpamSieve?

Having problems with SpamSieve not putting any of the bad emails into my “Spam” folder since upgrading to Mojave. Don’t want to loose 8 years of training. If I reinstall SpamSieve to try to get it working again will I loose this?

The other problem is that I can not seem to turn off Apple Mail’s junk mail filter even though I unchecked the “Enable junk mail filtering” in preference.

FYI - I have set SpamSieve to have Full Disk Access and Automation, so that does not seem to be the problem.
Please advise.

You won’t lose anything unless you specifically delete SpamSieve’s data folder (rather than the app). But reinstalling the app is usually not the solution to anything. Instead, I recommend checking the setup.

What makes you say that Apple Mail’s junk filter is not off? Perhaps you are instead seeing the results of a server junk filter moving messages to the Junk mailbox.