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Will SpamSieve use what it has learned from Mail after switch to Outlook?

I switched from Mail to Outlook 2011. Will SpamSieve have to re-learn everything?


SpamSieve will automatically use the same training data when you switch e-mail programs. You can even use it with more than one e-mail client at once.

Great. Thanks.

By the way, why do the “uncertain spam score” Growl notifications stay on the screen forever? Growl is set for 8 seconds (the default), and I don’t think this only occurs after 30 seconds of inactivity. I could be wrong on that, I guess.

SpamSieve sets the Uncertain Spam notifications to stay on screen by default, so that you don’t miss them. You can adjust the settings (per notification) in the Growl pane in System Preferences. It starts out as Application Decides, but you could change it to Never.