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will the shrink command correctly auto-size?

does the shrink command in disk utility (which is avail as both a toolbar command, a menu command, and a contextual menu -CM- command) protect the user from inadvertently making the dmg too small? …

ie, can the shrink command, in effect, arbitrarily delete the contents of a disk image without giving any warning to the user?!

it is too bad that diskutil does not have a gui that shows how the dmg is allocated! … (like the partition manager does).

could you add that visualization for ver3 of dropdmg? – (afaik) there is a dmg quickview plugin for the finder, so it should not be too difficult to create a minimalist file browser for the dmg (outside of the finder itself).

There is no Shrink command in Disk Utility. Do you mean Resize? Yes, it does prevent the user from damaging the image by making it too small.

What problem would that help you solve?