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Window larger than background image

Using dropdmg command-line from a script, we’ve recently noticed that some disk images open a window that is larger than the background image in our layout. It seems to be intermittent (although there are several images produced in different parts of our script).

When we see the problem (on several Macs that have downloaded the .dmg), the top-left offset in the layout is also not respected. We recently started using a 144 ppi PNG for the image (for Retina), so this could be related.

We’ve seen this in DropDMG 3.2.3 and 3.2.4. Our build server and target Macs are running 10.9.2.

Here’s the script log section:

+ unzip -q -o /Users/intuitadmin/build/workspace/CI-QBCS-Mac-SV1Beta/promote/QuickBooks_0.9.QBOWeb.Release.24-signed.zip
+ dropdmg --format=bzip2 --custom-icon --sanitize-for-servers --append-version-number --layout-folder=/Users/intuitadmin/build/workspace/CI-QBCS-Mac-SV1Beta/qbcloud_mac/tools/dmg/S1 /Users/intuitadmin/build/workspace/CI-QBCS-Mac-SV1Beta/promote/signed/QuickBooks.app
++ ls /Users/intuitadmin/build/workspace/CI-QBCS-Mac-SV1Beta/promote/signed/QuickBooks_0.9.dmg
+ FULL_DMG_NAME=/Users/intuitadmin/build/workspace/CI-QBCS-Mac-SV1Beta/promote/signed/QuickBooks_0.9.dmg
++ basename /Users/intuitadmin/build/workspace/CI-QBCS-Mac-SV1Beta/promote/signed/QuickBooks_0.9.dmg
+ DMG_NAME=QuickBooks_0.9.dmg
+ cp /Users/intuitadmin/build/workspace/CI-QBCS-Mac-SV1Beta/promote/signed/QuickBooks_0.9.dmg /Users/intuitadmin/build/workspace/CI-QBCS-Mac-SV1Beta/archive/QuickBooks_0.9.QBOWeb.Release.24-signed.dmg

Any suggestions? Try a different image format? (see attached)


Thanks for the report. I’ve not heard of this problem before. Does it only occur when using an automated script, or also when you drag and drop the folder onto DropDMG?

Could you send me your layout folder so that I can try to reproduce the problem here?

Sure, I’ve emailed everything. For the record, I did reproduce the problem running DropDMG as a GUI.

Thanks. I received the information. I will follow up with you via e-mail and post the conclusion here.

Did this ever get resolved? I am seeing it when I build from the command line but the GUI seems fine.

I sent the customer a test version of DropDMG and asked him to tell me if the problem was still occurring. I never heard back, so I’m assuming that it’s resolved. Please contact me via e-mail so that I can look into your issue.