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Windows equivalent for Outlook?

I hate to even post this question here, but I can’t think of anywhere better to do it…

Having loved SpamSieve since its release, I’m looking for an equivalent spam filter to use at work. However, we are using Windows and Outlook there, so SS can’t fit the bill for me :frowning:

Does anyone have any knowledge or suggestions about a filter program that will work in Windows and with Outlook that is as efficient, low-profile & accurate as SpamSieve?




I’ve found a few Bayseian filters for Windows, but there’s such a flood of spam solutions out there that it’s hard to tell if any of them will be effective…


Outlook Spam Filter
I just moved to the Mac and was looking for a replacement for the spam filter I used with Outlook. I was very satisfied with a product called Cloudmark. Suggest you give it a try.

I just hope SpamSieve works as well.



Thanks for the pointer to Cloudmark. I looked at the website, but it looks a little too “group-oriented” to me. The problem I’m having at work is that we have a lot of rules-based server-side filters, but nothing particularly individually customizable.

The hunt will continue for something as wonderful as SpamSieve…


I’ve used the open source SpamBayes with good success.


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