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Wish: Click a Growl notice to jump to the related message

I like that SpamSieve pops up a Growl notice for “Uncertain Spam” because it allows me to immediately catch a possible mis-classification of a legitimate message.

Most of the time, enough of the message is shown for me to dismiss the notice for actual spam.

However, sometimes it’s a good message or I’m not sure. In either case, I want to jump to the message, i.e., open the Spam mailbox and visually search for the message.

Some applications have Growl wired up so that clicking on the notice notifies the app. For example, Dropbox opens the folder containing a newly arrived file, and OmniFocus opens a new window and selects a task.

I’d like to have the option of clicking a SpamSieve notice to open the Spam folder in a new viewer window and select the related message. I prefer a new viewer window for two reasons: I don’t want to lose my place in the current viewer window, and I don’t know how SpamSieve could tell which of my 5 default viewer windows to use.

An important aspect of Growl’s send-click-to-app feature is the click location: clicking the small “x” button in the corner simply closes the Growl notice, and clicking anywhere else in the notice sends the click to the app. Since users are accustomed to clicking anywhere in a SpamSieve notice to close it, it would be good to have a preference to enable/disable clicking thru to SpamSieve.

– Ward

I plan to add a feature along these lines. It’s more complicated to do than you might expect given the way Mail and other mail programs work.