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Wish: multi-part rule to block phony YouTube spam/phishing messages

For several weeks, I’ve been receiving phony messages that appear to be from a YouTube user:

  • From: random name & email address
  • To: one of my many email accounts
  • Subject: [first & last name] sent you a message
  • message: official looking HTML message with a YouTube logo + generic avatar + “[name] has sent you a message:” + generic quick message w/ a link + footer with “Help” and other links

I know the messages are bogus because all links are to a suspicious URL – same URL for all links in a single message, different URLs in different messages.

These message are now arriving once or twice a day. I mark each one as Junk, but SpamSieve has not learned to recognize these annoying messages.

I’d like to add a rule to the Blocklist, but it appears rules are a single comparison action. I can’t come up with a text comparison that would block these bogus message without catching some legitimate messages.

In Apple Mail rules, I’d create a multi-part “And” rule that matched the end of the subject line + several stock phrases in the message body.

If there’s no way to do this in SpamSieve, I’d like to add “Multi-part Rules” to the Wish List.

– Ward

Please send a report via e-mail.

You can still use an Apple Mail rules to block particular messages. Just make sure it’s above the “SpamSieve” rule in the list.

Thanks for sending the log file and other info. I think SpamSieve will eventually learn to catch these spams if you keep training it. However, I will be making some changes in a future version of SpamSieve so that it is better able to recognize them.

I’ve made some improvements in SpamSieve 2.9.6 so that it’s better able to catch these spam messages.